Prints, perspex, props and accessories!

KoKoMo.Design is a Bristol based multidisciplinary textile designer. All items produced are hand made in her studio.

KoKoMo.Design produces playful, energetic statement prints/props/accessories and giftware pieces that stand out from the crowd for all occasions.

There are smaller party pieces or take on the larger statement items and really shine.

Inspired by 1960s, sci-fi, Paco Rabanne and pop culture!! There’s a playful element in the designs, mixed this with a love for colour, material and geometry these pieces are great for standing out from the crowd!!!

Creating items to suit all, if you would like a custom colour, style or size just get in touch and she would happy to work with you and produce an item just for you!!!!

kokomo design about image one
kokomo design about image two